Business Disputes

The best approach for any business is simply to avoid disputes altogether. Unfortunately, disputes almost inevitably arise and when they do, Mr. Matorin works closely with his clients to resolve them, either through discussions and alternative dispute resolution where possible, or by litigation where necessary. Mr. Matorin often represents clients against much larger opponents and draws upon his own large firm experience to go toe to toe with some of the largest law firms in the country.

Mr. Matorin takes pride in forging close working relationships with his clients to explore their goals and expectations, demystify the legal process, and explore legal strategies. Communication is the key to a successful attorney-client relationship, and Mr. Matorin keeps his clients promptly and fully advised of all developments and encourages them to call or email at any time they have questions or want to talk about the case.

Over the two decades of his legal career, Mr. Matorin has represented domestic and foreign clients in myriad fields of business with many types of disputes, both common and unusual. These clients include:

    • numerous clients in various industries in breach of contract, non-competition, and non-disclosure disputes; 
    • a business condominium owner in a lease dispute arising out of construction and repairs to the condominium building to address structural issues;
    • a former franchisee of a national lawn care franchise company in breach of contract and indemnification dispute arising out of the sale of the franchise;
    • a developer of online educational software in a dispute arising out of the failure to pay for the software it had developed;
    • a financial advisory company in litigation arising out of a large-scale international financial fraud;
    • a supplier of flour in a dispute against a railway company that damaged and lost various shipments;
    • a website development company in an extended arbitration proceeding with a floral supply company over the development of an e-commerce website;
    • a Czech supplier of computer components in a non-payment dispute with a Boston computer company;
    • an engineer and business consultant who was sued by a large manufacturer of flexible metal hoses for gas transmission for commercial defamation arising out of the manufacturer’s claims of lightning resistance;
    • manufacturers of medical devices and other goods in affirmative and defensive patent litigation in the federal district courts and the International Trade Commission;
    • a major manufacturer of electric generators sued by a dealer on anti-trust claims relating to Internet sales;
    • the United States Enrichment Corporation, a government corporation, in breach of contract disputes relating to uranium enrichment activities brought by nuclear plant operators, with potential damages in excess of $200,000,000;
    • the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in a contract dispute with a construction contractor;
    • a provider of concierge services who required assistance to resolve various contract disputes without litigation;
    • The government GNMA mortgage-backed loan program, successfully recovering trust funds taken by bank to satisfy customer’s debt and setting a national precedent for that government agency;
    • preparing appellate briefs and petitions for certiorari before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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